• Students should inform instructors about their medical history, any pathologies that require special treatment and any medication they are taking.
  • Students should arrive 15′ before the start time of the class, in order to prepare in time at the locker room.
  • They should bring tracksuit, clean socks and a face towel. During the exercise, they do not wear shoes. The clothes should fit tightly, so that it is easier to control the movements during the execution of the exercises.
  • Full meals must be eaten at least 3 hours before any exercise and light snacks must be eaten at least 1 ½ hour before. Alcohol must not have been consumed.
  • Basic hygiene rules must be followed.

JustPilates is not responsible for any injuries caused by misuse of the equipment. It is also not responsible for the loss of your personal belongings. At the end of the exercises, the equipment is returned by the students to its original position.