What exactly is SUP Pilates?

SUP is an acronym meaning Stand Up Paddleboarding and is a method of exercise where you have to balance on a board.
SUP Pilates includes all Mat Pilates exercises performed on a board, in the calm waters of the sea. Balance is achieved by counterbalancing body forces, either by keeping the board tied to a fixed point or by someone immobilizing it.

As the board floats, the exerciser is required to constantly recruit the deeper stabilizing muscles of the pelvis and spine to stand on the board. By adding the basic principle of pilates, such as the solid and stable powerhouse, the benefits of the exercise are multiplied.

JustPilates offers SUP Pilates classes in South Attica (‘Trypa Karamanli’ – Lombarda Beach) every Sunday, at 10:30 am.
11:00π.μ. – 12:00μ.μ & 12:30μ.μ. – 1:30μ.μ.

The prices are set as follows:
Group of at least 5 people: —> 25€/person
Duet (class of 2 people) —> 45€/person
Personal (private lesson) —”> 57€
♦︎ Each class lasts 60’.
♦︎ Class times will be determined by appointment and after communication with those interested.

✔︎ All prices are final and include VAT.
✔︎ The prices include a special uniform (cleaned with strict disinfection methods and following all safety protocols set by the Ministry of Health), as well as a paddleboard.

  • For more information, εcontact us, or fill out the contact form or contact us by telephone at ☎︎ 210-8220347
  • JustPilates Studio – 77-79 28is Oktovriou st., Athens
  • Due to the limited number of seats, an order of priority will be applied.